News Release


For Immediate Release: July 29, 2013 at 1:58 pm

By Staff Reports (Columbus, GA) Nearly 80 Democrats and Republicans from the House of Representatives and the Senate have joined forces.   

The coalition known as "No Labels" is focusing on getting out of the gridlock that congress faces.
The group's theme, "stop fighting and start fixing" is aimed at bridging the political aisle to solve some of Washington's biggest problems.

Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop recently joined the group on Capital Hill and tells WLTZ NBC38 the problems facing the nation today aren't limited to one political party.

Sanford Bishop:"Congress has been dysfunctional. We've got the Senate controlled by Democrats, and the House controlled by Republicans, but it seems as if we are not able to get anything done as a Congress. There are a number of us who feel that it is very very important that we look beyond labels, that we look beyond partisanship and parties to address the solutions that our country faces. The problems that we face and the solutions to those problems are not Democrat or Republican problems, they are American problems, and the solutions will be American solutions."

According to their mission statement, No labels promotes its politics of problem solving in three ways by organizing citizens across America, providing space for legislators who want to solve problems and by pushing for common sense reforms.