On the Issues


Congressman Bishop continues to work hard to make sure Georgia’s farmers and ranchers have the opportunity to prosper.  The 2nd District is home to thousands of farmers, whose work is vital to Georgia’s economy and the prosperity of the nation.  Agriculture puts food on our tables and clothes on our back.  Our prosperity depends on agriculture.  One-in-five Americans also works in a job related to agriculture and food production.  

The 2nd District produces more peanuts than any other district – more than 25% of all peanuts produced in America.  In addition, cotton, soybeans, tobacco, pecans, watermelons, and wheat are among the many crops that are grown in the district.  Livestock and poultry play a significant role in the agricultural economy of the 2nd District as well.  Forestry and agriculture byproducts also are vital in the production of bioenergy.

As your Congressman, Rep. Bishop remains committed to achieving these priorities:

·       Finding a commonsense approach to food safety that can alleviate hunger as well as prevent contamination and the spread of food-borne illnesses;

·       Working through the House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee to advance agricultural research, the production of American-made energy, and ensure a safe, abundant food supply

·       Extending broadband and wireless services to rural communities which will allow farmers and ranchers to take advantage of technology to help them remain profitable and competitive, and otherwise promote rural economic development.

·       Fighting for strong emergency federal disaster assistance to our Southwest Georgia farm communities, particularly in light of losses caused by hurricanes, excessive rain during harvest, and other natural disasters.

·       Reducing or eliminating the estate tax while providing farmers and small business owners with the stability, certainty, and peace of mind they need as they plan for the future.

Most recently, Congressman Bishop went to bat for farmers and the peanut industry when the U.S. Department of Transportation was considering a ban of peanuts on airplanes, a measure that would have had a devastating effect on our area.  His efforts resulted in the DOT taking the proposed peanut ban off the table. Also, Congress Bishop fought against a proposal to the budget that would end compensation to cotton and peanut farmers for storage costs when they keep crops until the market rates improves. Congressman Bishop says balancing the budget should not come at the expense of our farmers. 

Congressman Bishop also worked for our farmers through these accomplishments:

·       He was an original co-sponsor of H.R. 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act, which will fix systemic problems in our food safety system and establish a separate Food Safety Administration that will be solely focused on protecting the public through better regulation of the food supply.

·       Congressman Bishop supported and helped pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which provided $7.2 billion ($163 million in Georgia) – one of the largest single investments of its kind – for extending broadband and wireless services to underserved communities across the country, including full coverage for Southwest Georgia in the 2nd Congressional District.

·       Congressman Bishop helped to craft the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (Farm Bill), which made historic investments in our food and farm economy by expanding food security programs, protecting our vital natural resources, promoting healthier foods and local food networks, and reforming commodity and biofuel programs.