On the Issues


Congressman Bishop continues to work hard to make sure Georgia’s farmers and ranchers have the opportunity to prosper. The 2nd District is home to thousands of farmers, whose work is vital to Georgia’s economy and the prosperity of the nation. Agriculture puts food on our tables and clothes on our back. Our prosperity depends on agriculture. One-in-five Americans also works in a job related to agriculture and food production. [+] Read More


Congressman Bishop is a proponent of providing our law enforcement officials, fire fighters and first responders with the necessary resources to ensure that 2nd District communities are safe places to live, work, and play. He supports funding programs that deter youths from straying into gang and criminal activity. [+] Read More


Through his service on the House Appropriations Subcommittees on Defense, Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, as well as his work as Co-Chair of the Military Family Caucus, Congressman Bishop has proudly supported the men and women of United States armed forces who sacrifice to keep the nation safe and secure. He firmly believes national security and defense of our homeland can and must be done in a way that is consistent with the Constitution and values of the United States. Congressman Bishop fights to make sure our military’s men and women have the best weapons, equipment, materials, and support for their families – a reasonable expectation given the sacrifices they make for our country. [+] Read More

Economy and Jobs

Rebuilding the economy of Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District and the nation is Congressman Bishop’s top priority. Throughout his career in the United States House of Representatives, he has fought to create jobs, help unemployed workers struggling to find employment, provide tax relief for working American families and companies, eliminate the estate tax, and bolster the small business sector. [+] Read More


Congressman Bishop believes that education goes hand-in hand with America’s economic recovery. Throughout his career in the United States House of Representatives, he has supported initiatives to ensure that Americans of all ages have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the global economy. In the midst of the nation’s prolonged economic downturn, Congressman Bishop was proud to support the Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act, which provides $10 billion for aid to local school districts to prevent layoffs in elementary and secondary schools, saving an estimated 161,000 education jobs nationwide and the jobs of 5,700 in Georgia. [+] Read More

Environment and Energy

Congressman Bishop believes that as part of a strong national defense and a healthy economy, we must give greater attention to our energy and environmental policies. Across the nation, we all feel the impact of higher energy costs. The results of this have been increased transportation, food and manufacturing prices that have become a persistent strain on our families and threaten the prosperity of our country. [+] Read More

Health Care

Congressman Bishop supports initiatives to make health care more accessible and affordable, protect Medicare beneficiaries’ access to physicians, and increase funding for cancer research. He also supports efforts to combat childhood obesity, extend health insurance coverage for the unemployed, expand community health care centers, reduce physician shortages, and improve veterans’ health care. He supported the new health care law because it makes significant strides toward improving the health and well-being of the citizens of Georgia’s 2nd District. [+] Read More

Tax Relief

Tax relief is vital to encouraging economic growth. Congressman Bishop believes that tax relief is a bi-partisan issue and has routinely crossed the aisle to do what is best for American families. [+] Read More


Critical to economic growth is a quality transportation infrastructure. Congressman Bishop understands that area prosperity and job creation requires this as new roads and highways and transportation facilities are essential to meet the needs of prospective industries and attendant population growth. [+] Read More


Congressman Bishop served in the U.S. Army long before becoming a Congressman, so he fully understands the sacrifices that our troops, our veterans, and their families endure. [+] Read More