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July 10, 2014 at 4:31 pm

July 8, 2014

Contact: Caroline Schuette

Phone: 202.588.1990

Washington, D.C. - No Labels – a national movement dedicated to a new politics of problem solving – has awarded the Problem Solver Seal of Approval to Congressman Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (GA) for his embrace of No Labels’ National Strategic Agenda for American success.

“Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. has been in Congress for 11 terms and he’s shown a commitment to bipartisan problem solving since the very start,” said No Labels Co-Founder Tom Davis. “We welcome his support of the National Strategic Agenda, and look forward to working with him to define and build support for the agenda in the months and years ahead.”

No Labels’ National Strategic Agenda calls for America’s political leaders to commit to a new governing process that can enable us to meet four key national goals:

  • Grow 25 million new jobs over the next 10 years
  • Secure Medicare and Social Security for another 75 years
  • Balance the federal budget by 2030
  • Make America energy secure by 2035

“Disagreements over specific policies or politics aren’t the only causes of perpetual gridlock in D.C.,” said Davis. “Our leaders also haven’t defined a shared vision about what our country’s goals are. We simply can’t move forward until our leaders decide together where they want to take us.”

“Creating jobs and ensuring America's future remain at the top of my agenda,” said Bishop. “As my colleagues and I continue to fight through gridlock in order to work for realistic and practical solutions to our nation's issues, I am proud to stand with No Labels as a Problem Solver.”

Though the National Strategic Agenda articulates a number of ambitious goals, the specific policies to achieve them will be decided in the year ahead in a series of meetings across the nation with members of Congress, state and local government leaders, members of the business and non-profit community and citizens. Rep. Bishop will be participating in this process.

More than 80 members of Congress have endorsed the National Strategic Agenda. For more information about No Labels and its campaign for a National Strategic Agenda, contact

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